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Health Benefits of Cardamom

Anti-Depressant: Cardamom is also believed to possess anti-depressant properties. Its essential oil is one of the major oils used in aromatherapy. It can be used not only for depression, but also as a cure for various other diseases ranging from stomach disorders to pulmonary diseases.

Treating Urinary Disorders: In Ayurveda, cardamom has been used as a remedy for urinary tract diseases and infections such as cystitis, nephritis, and gonorrhea.

Protection Against Gastrointestinal Diseases: Cardamom has been traditionally used in Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and the Unani system as a remedy for gastrointestinal disorders. The methanolic extract from cardamom is the component that helps in controlling gastrointestinal disorders such as acidity, flatulence, and stomach cramps. Studies conducted by Jamal et al. at the Department of Chemistry, Jamia Hamdard, in New Delhi, India have concluded that the extracted volatile oils from cardamom have shown positive effects on gastrointestinal disorders.

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